Let me visit:

The app that solves capacity management of public spaces.

Because anyone of us should enjoy our parks, beaches, popular festivals, markets... in a healthy way.

The app that solves capacity management of public spaces

Do you work for a city council or any organisation managing public spaces?
Take part in the launch phase. Contact us.

How does LetMeVisit work?

We have designed LetMeVisit to be simple and practical. The technology is only useful when it is easy.

Do you manage public spaces? Upload them

Organisations and public space managers can upload their locations for free: parks, gardens, festivals, beaches,….

Find your favourite space

As a user, LetMeVisit will show you public spaces around and ready to be enjoyed without crowds.

Check for availability

Every space displays the available time slots for you tu chose and its maximum capacity.

Reserve a day and a slot

Reserve with a simple tap. No personal data is requested. Totally free. As simple as that.

Your phone is your ticket

One phone, one person, one reservation.

Do not worry: kids and dependent person coming with you do not need a ticket.

Show your ticket

Show your app to the authorised personnel when requested. LetMeVisit 100% secure technology will bring up a valid QR code instantly.

100% private

No sign up and no personal data is required. We don’t need it, we don’t ask for it.

100% fair

First time visitors will have more priority.

Map of available public spaces
The app that solves capacity management of public spaces

100% secure

Our QR codes are generated in real-time at check out. They can not be transferred so there is no way to cheat.

100% operative

The authorised personal doesn’t need an additional app to check the tickets. Aim a phone camera to the QR code, that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed LetMeVisit to be simple and self-explanatory. It's nevertheless normal that some questions may arise. We will summarise the most common doubts in this section.

Do we store personal data?

We don’t store any personal data. Your reservations are just linked to your personal device.

Can I make a reservation one month in advance?

Reservation slots opening time depends on each particular space. Should you try to reserve too soon, the slots might not be open for reservation yet. If that is the case, please just wait some days for reservations to be opened.

We are a group of people. How does it works?

The app works in an individual way: your phone keeps your ticket. Only yours.

Kids and dependent persons don’t need a ticket when they are going with their legal guardian.

How does the waiting list works?

If you reserve for the same space too often your might be kept in a waiting list. We do so in order to give the same opportunities to everyone.

In case your reservation is kept in a waiting list, it will be freed some time before the slot time. You will then receive a notification indicating if your reservation has been accepted or not.

Can I cancel a reservation?

If your plans have changed you can cancel the reservation so it can be used by someone else. Don’t wait until it’s too late for it to be canceled.

Do I have to show the ticket if requested?

You should show the reservation in your app if any authorised personnel asks you for. You need to have internet access. It’s no use taking a screen capture of the QR code for later use, it won’t work.

Do you manage public spaces and want to make them available through LetMeVisit?

Whenever your spaces are free we will not charge a dime.